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      Webinar: Realize a Strong ROI with Warranty System Modernization

      See how an ROI analysis can prove the business case for modernizing your warranty management system.


      Mize and MR Insights are giving away two free 4-hour Business Case and Gap Analysis Workshops.*


      Date and Time: March 10, 2021, 1:00 PM EST

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      Eric Arnum, Warranty Week Editor
      Eric Arnum is the editor of Warranty Week, an online publication written for the warranty industry professional. Based in New York and launched in late 2002 as both a free weekly email broadcast and a website at www.warrantyweek.com, the newsletter has quickly gained a following among manufacturers, retailers, servicers, and insurance professionals.​
      Eric Arnum
      Editor, Warranty Week
      Mike Roberts, President of MR Insights
      Mike Roberts worked for Ford Motor Company for over 33 years. He was their Global Warranty Strategy Manager and the business lead supporting Ford’s initiative to modernize, globalize and standardize their warranty transactional systems and processes. Mike is currently a member of the Automotive Industry Actions Group (AIAG).
      Mike Roberts
      President of MR Insights
      Gary Serbousek, Sr. Product Manger, Mize
      Gary Serbousek has over 15 years of experience related to warranty and service software for several different verticals in including Automotive, Heavy Equipment, Consumer Electronics and Home. As a senior product manager for Mize he is responsible for understanding customer needs and providing direction for adding new innovations to the Mize Smart Blox technology.
      Gary Serbousek
      Sr. Product Manager, Mize

      Show Business Value for Warranty Modernization

      It’s time you close the loop with a single, modern warranty management solution, but if you need the business proof showing ways to realize ROI, then this webinar is worth your time. Not only will industry experts show you how, but you’ll learn to calculate expected cost reduction and increased revenue.

      Mize is proud to sponsor this webinar moderated by Eric Arnum, Editor of Warranty Week. Special guests include Mike Roberts, President of MR Insights, and Gary Serbousek, Sr. Product Manager at Mize. The team will discuss how to obtain a strong return on investment as you modernize your warranty management system and process.


      What You Can Expect to Learn

      Warranty Week's perspective on the state of warranty management
      How to determine typical ROI approaches and their importance
      Finding savings through warranty system and process improvements
      Finding the gaps which drive substantial ROI from warranty systems modernization

      Want a Free Gap Analysis?


      Mize and MR Insights are giving away two, free 4-hour Business Case and Gap Analysis Workshops to two lucky organizations in attendance. Each workshop will be given at a time agreed upon by all parties but must be completed by June 30, 2021. The workshops will be completed virtually and include a web-based ROI calculation. Each company can have up to 8 attendees from their company in the workshop. You must attend the webinar to be in the random drawing held on March 11, 2021.

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