Revolutionize Customer Experience and Transform Service Performance through Augmented/Merged Reality.

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Field service Management

Download on-demand Recording

You can now download on-demand recording and presentation deck of webinar hosted by Mize and Help Lightning where we will demonstrate the field service applications that companies can utilize to improve technician productivity, reduce resolution times, and boost customer satisfaction.  Through case studies, demos, and best practices, we will examine how advanced capabilities in the areas of Knowledge, Spare Parts, and Augmented/Merged Reality can revolutionize customer experience and transform service delivery.

Webinar Topic:  Revolutionize Customer Experience and Transform Service Performance through Augmented/Merged Reality

Presenters: Michael R. Blumberg, CMO, Mize Inc.

    Andrew Thomas, Product Manager, CX and FSM, Mize Inc.

   Marc Guthrie, COO, Help Lightning

During this Webinar presented by leading Industry experts, you will learn about:

  • Strategies and tactics to reduce cost and streamline access to technical support
  • Reduce touch points and eliminate friction in the support process
  • Case studies from Global Equipment Manufacturers
  • Apps that improve technician productivity and reduce repair time
  • Utilizing Remote Assistance to help technicians
  • Impact of knowledge tools on service performance metrics

About the Presenters:


Michael R. Blumberg is an innovative business executive with an unequaled background in Aftermarket Services. Michael’s thought leadership and strategic guidance has positively enhanced the profitability of many organizations across varied industries. Michael is Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Mize, the leader in Connected Customer Experience.


Andrew Thomas is Product Manager for FSM and CX with Mize and is responsible for producing and managing the road map for Mize’s enterprise level Field Service SaaS model Solution.  During his tenure, he has streamlined and standardized the FSM product platform UX/UI across multiple device platforms.

marcMarc Guthrie is Help Lightning’s Chief Operating Officer and boasts more than 25 years of hands-on leadership in a variety of fields -- from healthcare to retail, financial services to manufacturing and distribution. He has extensive experience designing and building Enterprise-class Software Products and Solutions.