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      Join Mize at the
      2021 Warranty Chain Management Conference

      Aug. 29 - Sept. 1
      Bellagio, Las Vegas

      Aug. 30th, 9 a.m. - 12 p.m.

      Mize Presents:  Advanced Warranty Management Workshop

      Benchmarking and Best Practices
      to Optimize Warranty Management

      The global marketplace is rapidly changing towards customer-centricity, and businesses must evolve to differentiate their service experience and thrive in a global ecosystem. Post-sale services, including warranty management, have always been a critical interaction point with customers. These interactions have primarily been perceived as a cost center by many manufacturers.

      In this workshop, you will be able to benchmark with other global manufacturers and identify the best practices to help your organization shift your warranty management business towards a customer-focused, cost-reducing model while optimizing your internal processes to better adapt to the ever-demanding, ever-evolving customer and service landscape.

      Mike Roberts and Mike Stroffolino bring decades of experience in implementing warranty management solutions. They will guide the workshop to help you optimize your warranty management and maximize your service profitability.

      Key Takeaways

      Build your own gap analysis and business case model with a benchmarking workbook to put your warranty group on the path to warranty management optimization.
      Participate in a detailed discussion and review of successful real-world warranty process transformation examples.
      Review the warranty maturity model and learn how to apply it in your organization to reduce warranty costs, improve product quality, and generate additional revenue from service contracts.

      Ready to join other global manufacturers taking advantage
      of Mize Solutions? Meet us in Vegas.

      Mike Roberts, MR Insights
      Mike Roberts, President of MR Insights, worked for Ford Motor Company for over 33 years and was involved in many different facets of warranty within Ford, including analytics, dealer measurement and reporting, dealership warranty management, counseling, and auditing. He was Ford’s Global Warranty Strategy Manager and the business lead supporting Ford’s initiative to modernize, globalize, and standardize their warranty transactional systems and processes – Ford’s ONE Warranty Solution (OWS) is the benchmark for all other OEMs. Also, Mike is a member of the Automotive Industry Actions Group (AIAG), an instructor for AIAG (CQI-14 Warranty Management and Warranty 101).
      Mike Roberts
      President, MR Insights
      Mike Stroffolino
      Mike Stroffolino has 20+ years of experience in the warranty industry with SnapOn, 4CS, PTC, Configt, and Mize working on engagements with leading manufacturers, such as Kohler, AGCO, Husqvarna, Airbus, Yamaha Motor Company, Nintendo, Jacuzzi, JCB, and CNH.
      Mike Stroffolino
      Solution Engineer Manager, Mize

      Attend the Mize Feature Presentation

      Tuesday, August 31st, 2:15 - 3 p.m.

      The Evolution of Warranty Management and Current Trends

      20 years of technological advancements – Web, Mobile, Cloud, and AI. Where do we go from here?

      Warranty management has changed over the years, evolving as your customers evolved, through a recession and even a pandemic. Be prepared for current business and technology trends to revolutionize how you manage Warranty and Service Contracts in the future.  

      Key Takeaways

      • Technological advancements such as Web, Mobile, Cloud, and AI got us this far
      • Warranty management evolved through economic hardships and globalization
      • Future benefits are coming from exciting new technologies such as IoT, electrical and autonomous products, and AI
      • Manufacturers should prepare for Servitization, Product-as-a-Service, and Subscription models

      Join this feature presentation to hear Ashok Kartham, a pioneer in the Warranty industry and the CEO of companies who developed leading warranty software products used by hundreds of global companies, present the evolution of warranty management.

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