What is Warranty Connect?

Warranty Connect extends the warranty solution as a shared hub for manufacturers, distributors, dealers, retailers, suppliers, and customers to easily exchange warranty transaction information including registrations, claims, returns (RMA), pre-approvals, payments, and supporting data such as pictures and inspections. Warranty Connect integrates with the existing dealer management, ERP/CRM, and other warranty systems to streamline the data flows across the extended enterprise to improve warranty and quality management. 

“Warranty Connect” allows:  

  • Enable integration with different warranty, service, and ERP systems using standard and open interfaces
  • OEMs to have one way to exchange data with various suppliers
  • Suppliers to have one standard way to receive and process claims from multiple OEMs
  • OEMs and Suppliers to easily exchange warranty transactions including Claims, Returns (RMA), pre-approvals, payments and supporting data
  • Shipment of Returns via OEM or Direct to Supplier from Dealer
  • Standardized failure coding model to identify failure codes on a claim-by-claim basis to help review and analyze claims data
  • Setup and manage Warranty terms and conditions (policies) between OEMs and Suppliers
  • Protect the confidentiality and security of data for all parties involved
  • Support mapping of failure codes and transaction formats when needed to integrate with other systems
  • Support specific industry standards when available including EDI or XML claim formats and failure coding  
  • Integration with logistics providers such as Fedex and UPS
  • Global capabilities to support multiple languages, currencies, and return shipments