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      Oct 13-14, 2021
      The Dearborn Inn, MI


      Attend Our Panel Discussion:

      Ready or Not: A Vehicle is Now a High-Tech Gadget

      Mize is proud to sponsor this powerful gathering of recognized motor vehicle OEMs, suppliers, dealers, and service channel partners put on by MAPconnected at The Dearborn Inn, MI.

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      Ready or Not: A Vehicle is Now a High-Tech Gadget


      With the emergence of tech companies in the Vehicle industry, the Customer Experience is changing from Sales to Service. Vehicle enterprises are now adapting and even competing in the high-tech software industry. During this panel discussion, industry experts will discuss how they have prepared for these Warranty and Service delivery changes and what they see coming in the not-so-distant future. 

      In this presentation, Ashok Kartham, Founder & CEO of MIZE, will open the discussion on this technology service evolution and then convene a panel of experts to discuss how they are preparing for these technological changes.


      Key discussion points for the panel include:

      Higher margin revenue opportunities with Subscription Services, Servitization and Product-as-a-Service
      Retooling dealers globally, and service technicians, with the knowledge needed to work with the rapid technology advancements
      How to build stronger customer relationships by leveraging IoT and Connected vehicle data to deliver proactive customer service.

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      Oct 13-14, 2021 - The Dearborn, Inn, MI