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Tuning Into Consumers' Digital Signals 

Prepared by Dr. Phil Hendrix

Director immr and GigaOm Pro Analyst


Given the enormous, rapidly expanding volume of digital traces, signals contained in the data must somehow be extracted from the noise, a process we refer to as "tuning into digital signals."


Digital signals reveal important insights about consumers ... from what they're thinking and doing, to their needs, interests, preferences, views (especially sentiment), plans, even the Holy Grail, intentions - expanding and delivering more fully on John Battelle’s "database of intentions."


By tuning into digital signals, leading brands are gaining important insights, often in real-time, using those insights to improve customers' experience and differentiate their business from competitors.


In this recently published immr report Dr. Phil Hendrix examines and provides strategies for brands, retailers and service providers.

Sensors & Social Media Driving Digital Signals

Smart Device Sensors & Social Media Are Driving The Growth of Digital Signals