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TPA Warranty Management Software

Grow Sales, Improve Profitability, and Enhance Customer Satisfaction

TPA Warranty

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Third Party Administrators (TPA) play an important role in managing warranty programs for OEMs and Retail partners or by offering service contract programs for customers to protect their purchases. 

Mize Warranty software enables TPAs to grow sales, improve profitability and enhance customer satisfaction.  Third Party Administrators (TPAs) can utilize Mize TPA Warranty Software to manage the Warranty Programs, Service Network, Customer Support, and Warranty Claims effectively and efficiently. 

Mize TPA Warranty Management Software

Mize TPA Warranty Software based on Connect Customer Experience platform and Smart Blox for Warranty, Service Plans, Support, and Service delivers a complete and flexible solution to manage all aspects of TPA Warranty.

Mize TPA Warranty Software is all that TPAs need to manage their warranty business operations.

  • Program configuration and Pricing
  • TPA Warranty Sales
  • Integration with e-commerce
  • Service Contract Administration
  • Manage Network of Service Contractors
  • Customer Support and Dispatch
  • Contractor Service Management
  • Process Warranty Claims
  • Renewal Management
  • Warranty Reporting and Analysis
  • Integration with Accounting Systems
  • VOC and Customer feedback

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