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      Syncron + Mize Introduction



      Reaching new heights in your service business.

      Mize and Syncron Merge to Power Business Transformation in the New Service Economy

      As more manufacturing companies seek to extract greater value from their equipment, parts, and services, Syncron and Mize have united to create a Services Lifecycle Management powerhouse. We are the first to deliver a Connected Service Experience.

      Together we will deliver innovative solutions that will give manufacturers a competitive edge – customers become loyal fans, services drive value, and your business has higher-margin revenues.

      We are passionate to be your catalyst for growth and competitive advantage. Syncron and Mize joined are uniquely positioned to help your business today help our customers move faster, capture greater insights, and seek out new opportunities for new growth as services business models start to dominate.

      Our new, shared journey begins now, and we want to share it with you. We anticipate you will want to learn more, and we have put together some resources to help. We encourage you to ask questions and directly connect with us by using the form below.

      Frequently Asked Questions


      Who is Mize?

      Mize is a global leader in Field Service Management, Warranty Management and Spare Parts (catalog) management, providing a cloud-based SaaS solution for global durable goods manufacturers and their value chain. Mize provides a Connected Service Experience among OEMs and their end customers, dealer channels, service provider network and suppliers, connecting and managing all service lifecycle interactions, extending across Warranty, Service Plans, Support, Service Delivery, Parts, and Returns. This results in reduced operational costs, with optimized service experience and a maximized customer lifetime value.

      Mize operates its business of more than 150 employees out of two major locations (Tampa (FL), US and Hyderabad, India). Mize currently serves approximately 55 customers. Mize develops solutions based on the AWS cloud like Syncron.


      Who is Syncron?

      Syncron ( is a global leader in service parts inventory management, price management, and the innovator of IoT technology to maximize product uptime. Syncron solutions create agile and streamlined supply and demand chain management processes that improve a manufacturer’s competitiveness and financial performance. The Syncron solutions also create brand loyalty to the manufacturer by improving the aftermarket service experience.

      Syncron's global headquarters are in Stockholm, Sweden, with major subsidiary offices around the world located in the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, France, Germany, Italy, India, and Poland. Syncron currently operates with more than 450 employees and provides service to approximately 150 customers.


      I’m a Mize/Syncron customer, what does this mean for me?

      Mize and Syncron are merging to form a combined organization that will better support the growing and complex Service Lifecycle Management business needs of our customers. In doing so, we will deliver the first Connected Service Experience. In the short term, the biggest change you will see is the merging of our operations and some branding changes as we combine our teams and functions.

      In the long term, it means we will be able to offer a broader set of services with deeper functionality. We will be able to bring new solutions to market faster and be able to respond to your needs and market changes with more agility. There will be no interruption in the services or tools you use today.


      Why did Mize and Syncron decide to merge now?

      The combination of Mize and Syncron brings together the complementary strengths and capabilities of two high-growth companies who are leaders in their respective markets. The new company will have increased agility and speed. Together, we will be able to offer an enhanced and extended portfolio representing the most complete end-to-end Service Lifecycle Management (SLM) platform portfolio available in the global aftermarket services solutions market today.

      We see a plethora of use cases, where connection of the current applications can drive enhanced business value for our customers (e.g., plan parts and services together, service contract-based inventory planning, Uptime triggering service events, etc.). We would love to discuss these advantages with you directly.


      Will Syncron continue to provide the same services?

      Syncron will continue to service clients with best-in-class services and solutions as before. Moreover, Syncron is now able to even further support innovation and digitalization projects in the aftermarket space leveraging its leading Service Lifecycle Management product portfolio now in addition to Parts Inventory and Pricing complemented by Warranty Management and Field Service Management solutions. No services are being interrupted or discontinued as part of this merger.


      Will Mize continue to provide the same services?

      Mize will continue to service clients with best-in-class services and solutions as before. Moreover, Mize, now part of the Syncron family, is now able to even further support innovation and digitalization projects leveraging its leading Service Lifecycle Management product portfolio in addition to Warranty Management and Field Service Management solutions complemented by Parts Inventory and Pricing. No services are being interrupted or discontinued as part of this merger.


      Will pricing change?

      Prices for Syncron and Mize products have not changed for existing products. For the latest pricing information, please contact your account team.


      Has any of the support service-related procedures changed?

      The support service-related procedures have remained unchanged. Please continue to engage with your Mize and/or Syncron Support Services team as before.


      Will my Mize or Syncron contact’s email addresses change?

      As we plan to unite under the Syncron brand, we will transition all Mize email domains to We will take all possible measures to preserve all existing employee mails respecting data privacy into the new domain. As well, we will forward Mize emails for at least 9 months. If you ever have issues contacting someone, please email


      Where can I learn more about the newly expanded solution portfolio?

      We would love to talk with you. We suggest you contact either your Mize or Syncron account team or customer success representative. Alternatively, email, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


      What are Smart Blox and what implications do they have on the future?

      Smart Blox are the microservice building blocks of the Mize solutions, leveraging the Mize unified Connected Service Experience platform. Each Smart Blox is devoted to a specific business capability and priority. In the future, you can expect this architecture to extend to the entire Syncron solution portfolio, further speeding the development, integration, and deployment of Syncron solutions.


      I still have questions. Where can I learn more?

      Please contact your account team or customer success representative. If you do not know who that is or do not have one assigned, email

      More questions? Want to talk?

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