Service Lifecycle Management for growing Manufacturers

Grow the customer base and generate higher margin revenues

Mize SLM

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Growing manufacturers of innovative products need happy customers who can be advocates for your products to help scale in today’s connected global marketplace. In addition to the products, the manufacturers must deliver amazing customer experiences to grow the customer base and generate higher margin revenues.

Specialized platform targeted to manufacturers

Mize Connected Customer Experience Platform, Smart Blox, and Solutions enable manufacturers to optimize service experience and maximize customer lifetime value. Mize specializes in providing solutions to high value, durable, and configurable product manufacturers. Mize platform connects manufacturers with Customers, Channel Partners (Distributors, Dealers, and Retailers), and Suppliers.


Mize helps to optimize all post-sale service processes including Product Registration, Warranty, Service Contracts, Spare Parts, Support, Knowledge, and Service.

You can generate 30-40% profit margin from selling to your existing customer base. Higher customer lifetime value (CLV) helps you get better returns from your initial customer acquisition costs. 

Mize solution is very cost effective with a simple monthly subscription without upfront investments in hardware, software, and costly implementations.

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