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Simplify, Automate and Integrate Product & Part return processes

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Streamline Returns Management Process & RMA Workflow

Mize Returns Management Software (mReturns) delivers many benefits to companies through:
Enhanced Customer Satisfaction from simpler and faster handling of returns
  • Increased visibility and efficiency in processing Return Material Authorizations (RMA)
  • Reduction in the turnaround times on Returns
  • Reduction in Return shipping costs
  • Increased productivity across the reverse logistics value chain


Return Management
Configure and Monitor end-to-end Returns process to improve stakeholder performance and reduce the costs
Return Decisions
Make the right decision when a Return is warranted
Reverse Logistics
Facilitate the physical flow of goods from the Customer to the Supplier
RMA Documentation
Generate RMA, Shipping Labels, and Credit Memos
Returns Cost Management
Account for cost of Returns for reimbursement, shipping, and handling
Integrated Returns
Integrate Returns software with ERP or Warehouse Management, Warranty Management, Parts Orders, and Third Party Logistics (3PL) systems
Return Analysis
Analyze the Returns and Inspection data to improve Product Quality and Customer Satisfaction

Connect all parties in Reverse logistics chain

Returns Management Software ensures all stakeholders (Manufacturers, Distributors, Retailers, Factories, Quality, Service Centers, Customers, and Others) involved in the RMA process workflow can perform their tasks efficiently. They all have access to the real-time Returns data to ensure the material and related information flow smoothly across the value chain.

Support for multiple regions, languages

mReturns is available in multiple languages and can be used globally to handle reverse logistics across country borders with complex customs, shipping and documentation requirements.

Integrated Returns Management Process

Returns management software integrates with other enterprise systems and processes for seamless execution of all the activities performed during the Returns process. Mize CX Connect enables two-way integration of Returns Software with Warranty, Support, Service, Parts, e-Commerce, ERP, Warehouse Management (WMS), and Logistics systems.


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