Mize Support Management Software

Simplify Technician Access to Support.
Streamline Contact Centers.

The Mize Support Management Solution is the only contact center software specializing in the consumer durable goods industry. Mize Support Management enables your contact centers to deliver support excellence by finding faster and accurate resolution of complex technical issues related to Products, Warranty, Parts, Returns, and Service from Customers, Channel Partners or Service Technicians.


Go Digital, Mobile, and Omni-Channel

Access to support on all channels, including Web, Mobile, Phone, Email, SMS, Chat, and Social Networks.

Simplify Access to Relevant Knowledge

With easy access to all relevant knowledge topics, you can route the request to an expert or Dispatch it to Field Service to find the solution

Enable 360° View of Product adnd Customers

Access Product Configuration or BOM, Warranty, Service Plan, and Maintenance entitlements. Quick access to full Customer, Product, and Service history.

Integrate Support Fulfillment

Generate Service Order, Warranty Claim, Field Service Dispatch, Parts Order, or RMA directly from Support Request

Consolidate Support Systems

Single support software to meet global needs with multiple Languages, Regions, Brands, and Contact Centers

Use Mobile and IoT to Help with Troubleshooting

Capture pictures, Videos, Diagnostic data to resolve issues faster

Analyze Support data to Improve Product Quality and Operational Performance

Consolidate Data Warehouse and Analysis of support data related to products, warranty, parts, returns, and service

Use Voice of the Customer (VoC) to Enhance Customer Experience

Capture Customer feedback and Voice of Customer (VOC) to gain customer insights to enhance customer experience

Enable Customer Self-Service

The customer self-service portal allows customers to register products, access Support or Knowledge, or buy Parts or Service Plans.

Become Customer Engagement Centers

Monetize service interactions to cross-sell or upsell service plans, parts and accessories, and related products and services.

 Support Management delivers immediate benefits to companies, including:

  • Gained efficiency, speed, and value in Contact Center Operations
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction and Experience
  • Reduced calls by providing simple and convenient customer self-service
  • Improved services, quality, and performance with actionable insights.

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