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My Customer Portal Software

An easy-to-use self-service portal to improve Customer Satisfaction and Brand Loyalty


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Mize Customer Portal (My Customer Portal) provides simple, convenient, and online access to all the services needed by your customers as they own and use products for years.  My Customer Portal allows you and your channel partners to stay connected with your customers, deliver better customer experience, build brand loyalty, and maximize customer lifetime value.

An easy-to-use customer self-service portal and app available 24x7 will lead to happier customers, reduced costs, and incremental revenues.   


Your Portal to all your Products and Services

Search Knowledge

Provide manuals, service history, Knowledge base and product support from multiple sources

Product 360

Get access to 360-degree view of your products at critical moments in the product lifecycle

Register products

Simplify and automate the registration process to directly engage with customers

Request Support

Offer smarter, faster customer support and resolutions on any channel

Schedule Service

Streamline and deliver exceptional service by enabling filed service professionals

Buy Plans

Increase the attach rate and renewal of service contracts, maintenance plans or extended warranty

Simple and Cost-Effective

Your Customer Portal can be turned on quickly and cost-effectively with a simple subscription fee (Saas). My Customer Portal, hosted on CX Cloud, is highly scalable and delivers fast responses whether you serve few hundred or a few million customers.


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