Mobile Inventory Tracker App

An easy and simple way to track the service parts inventory

Improve First Time Fix with the Right parts

Not having the right parts to complete a service order can be detrimental to your service business and result in repeat technician visits, customer dissatisfaction, and higher costs from emergency orders. Holding more trunk stock is no solution either.  Excess inventory will increase inventory carrying costs and will negatively impact the service profitability. Ensuring that each technician has the right parts on hand to complete the service orders requires real-time tracking of parts inventory in every truck and parts depot. 

Mobilize parts information systems and ordering processes to meet the demands of connected consumers. Real-time parts and service information is instantly available on any device when needed; in the shop, at the repair depot or in the field.


Mize Mobile Inventory Tracker app enables service technicians to manage the truck stock:

  • Improve first-time fix rates
  • Reduce the cost of parts inventory
  • Optimize parts inventory management

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