Warranty Analysis and Insights

Actionable Warranty Insights to Improve Quality & Reduce Warranty Costs

Warranty Analysis and Insights

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Global manufacturers spend billions of dollars a year to cover the cost of warranty claims and product recalls. Manufacturers need to detect and correct emerging quality issues quickly to reduce escalating warranty costs and improve customer satisfaction.   

Mize Warranty Software (mWarranty) enables durable goods manufacturers to analyze warranty data, identify quality issues, and improve warranty performance metrics.  

You can save time in creating your reports with spreadsheets by running standard warranty reports and analytics with the data from a central warranty data warehouse.

  • Easy access to Warranty Dashboards and reports
  • Warranty Data Visualizations
  • Tread Act reporting
  • Warranty Reserve reporting
  • Early Warning System
  • Supplier Warranty Reports
  • Warranty Fraud detection
  • Standard Warranty Metrics and Reports
  • Improve Warranty Efficiencies
  • Track and Improve Warranty performance metrics such as
    • Registration Rate,
    • Claim cycle times,
    •  Parts Return turnaround times,
    • Supplier Recovery rates,
    • Contract Attach rate 
  • Ad hoc Reporting, Analysis, and Visualizations
  • Multi-Dimensional Analysis
  • Report Scheduling and email notification

Run Warranty Analytics in Cloud for an affordable monthly subscription fee. Mize Warranty Intelligence powered by the industry leading BI platform provides you a simple and cost-effective way to gain actionable warranty insights.

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