Mize Supplier Warranty Portal for OEMs

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Product Manufacturers (OEMs) are increasingly expecting the suppliers to take more responsibility for parts design and warranty cost-sharing. OEMs and Suppliers need to collaborate more effectively to improve product quality, reduce warranty costs and prevent costly recalls.

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Mize Supplier Connect Portal: 

The Supplier Warranty Portal can facilitate common Warranty management processes, Software tools, and Standard data templates to improve communication and collaboration between OEMs and Suppliers.

Warranty enables OEMs to:

  • Ensure the timely and efficient exchange of Warranty Claims, Returned Parts (RMAs) and supporting data with Suppliers
  • Manage all supplier terms and conditions, reimbursement policies and return requirements
  • Share standard warranty and failure data in real-time with suppliers to facilitate faster and more effective root cause analysis
  • Reduce the need for unnecessary parts returns by enriching claim data with picture, video, and diagnostic data
  • Manage Part returns with Direct to Vendor shipment and direct integration with carriers such as FedEx, UPS, and others
  • Facilitate more collaboration among OEMs, Suppliers, and Dealers to reduce No Trouble Found (NTF) issues
  • Provide Warranty dashboards, Key metrics, and analytics to created a shared early warning system


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