Mize Supplier Warranty Management

Warranty Platform to streamline Claims, Returns, and Quality processes


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The warranty processes between OEMs and suppliers are inefficient and disconnected leading to higher warranty costs, and longer cycle times to resolve quality issues. The Suppliers feel pressured to take on more financial responsibility for warranty costs with less focus on collaboration to improve Quality.

The Suppliers face many challenges in managing Warranty effectively:

  • Dealing with multiple OEM Portals, Warranty systems, and data formats
  • Insufficient warranty data to perform Quality analysis and correction actions
  • Higher occurrence of No Trouble Found (NTF/NFF) incidents
  • Longer detection-to-correction cycle times in responding to emerging quality issues

Mize Supplier Warranty Management solution, powered by industry leading platform and Warranty Software, simplifies and streamlines OEM and supplier interactions.


Mize Warranty solution enables the suppliers to:

  • Process Warranty Claims and Part Returns from OEMs or Distributor/Dealer network efficiently
  • Reduce detection to correction cycle time through Early Warning System (EWS) and effective Root Cause Analysis
  • Collaborate with OEMs and their dealer network to reduce warranty incidents and No-Trouble-found (NTF) issues
  • Analyze warranty data to gain insights and determine the root cause of issues

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