Mize Supplier Portal

Orchestrate Service and Parts Supply Chain to Enhance Customer Experience

Mize Supplier Portal

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Mize Supplier Portal enables OEM and Supplier collaboration during the service lifecycle to enhance customer service, optimize costs, and improve quality.


Mize Supplier Portal streamlines the OEM and Supplier interactions, communication and data exchange for: 

  • Supplier Contact information
  • Parts Purchase Orders
  • Parts Cost Changes
  • Parts Returns
  • Supplier Warranty Claims
  • Quality Metrics
  • Documents, Forms, and Digital Assets
  • Exceptions and Parts Support

OEMs and Suppliers can realize immediate benefits from Supplier Portal:

  • Reduce Parts Inventory Costs
  • Improve Collaboration and Communication
  • Improve Part and Product Quality
  • Reduce Warranty Costs
  • Deliver better Customer Service

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