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Mize Order Management Software

Simplify, Streamline, and Integrate Quotes and Orders to grow aftermarket revenues


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Maximize revenue opportunities with existing customer and install base

Simplifying and streamlining Quoting/Ordering processes help manufacturers to generate higher margin sales with existing customer and install base.

Mize Orders is an online and mobile ordering application that enables manufacturers to realize higher customer lifetime value by simplifying the quoting and ordering process for:

  • Products
  • Service Parts & Accessories
  • Service Plans (Maintenance agreements, Service Contracts)
  • Software
  • Subscriptions, and more

Mize-Orders-DiagramMize Order management software helps manufacturers to: 

  • Simplify ordering by consolidating multiple systems to allow quoting and ordering on any channel at any time
  • Streamline workflows by integrating seamlessly with payment, fulfillment, shipping, and enterprise systems
  • Save costs by reducing order entry errors, returns, and customer support calls
  • Enhance the ordering experience during any of the service interactions at all touch points during the customer lifecycle
  • Grow revenues from existing customer and install base by increasing parts sales, improving service contract attach rates, and directly engaging the customers on all channels