Mize Fleet Warranty Management Software

Optimize Warranty processes and Maximize Warranty recovery


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Fleets need a robust warranty system to keep track of all warranty entitlements and enable warranty recovery from the suppliers.

Mize Warranty Software enables fleets of every size to optimize warranty claim processes and maximize cost recovery.

Track Warranty entitlements: Mize Warranty enables fleets to keep track of all warranty coverages centrally

Unified Warranty Application: Fleets can enter, process, and track all warranty claims, returns, and payments from single centralized application making if efficient and easier.

Integrate with Fleet Management Systems: Mize Warranty integrates with Fleet Maintenance and Management Systems(FMS) to identify repairs covered under warranty and generate warranty claims.

Integrate with Manufacturer Warranty Systems: Mize Warranty integrates with various warranty systems to exchange warranty claims, errors, payments and Return Material Authorizations (RMA).

Gain actionable Insights on Warranty and Supplier Performance: Fleets have easy access to dashboards, reports, and analytics to analyze warranty costs, recovery performance, and supplier quality.  

Cost-Effective and robust Warranty application: Mize Platform and Warranty software are available in Cloud for a subscription based on the number of claims and the total amount of warranty recovery. 

Fleets can realize immediate ROI as there are no upfront hardware costs, software license fees, or costly customization services.

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