Service Plans Software

Grow Service Plan Sales, and Margins.


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Warranty Week reports that Service Contracts sales exceed $40 Billion per year for durables goods. Mize Service Plans Software helps you realize your share of revenues and higher margins from Service Plan sales.

Manufacturers, Third Party Administrators (TPAs), and Retailers are using Mize Service Plans software to: 

  • Streamline the processes to manage your extended warranty or protection plan programs
  • Increase attach rate by integrating with Retail and after-market sales channels
  • Grow Sales by enabling the Sales team with Flexible offerings and Opportunity reports
  • Increase Plan Sales and Renewals by engaging customers via Web, Mobile, Email, and direct marketing channels

Mize Service Plan Managment Software

Mize Service Plans Software enables you to:

  • Define and manage service plan programs and pricing
  • Increase attach rate of service plans
  • Manage Service Plan registrations and entitlements
  • Integrate with POS, eCommerce, Customer support and Claims processing
  • Gain insights on Plan Sales, Pricing, and Loss ratios

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