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Bridge the Knowledge Gap for more effective Customer Service

Unlock the Value of Knowledge Assets

Empower Customers and Service Network.

Contact Centers are inundated with calls that could have been easily solved by simple access to relevant knowledge topics. Even when customers reach the contact centers, they are frustrated by the lack of knowledge of the support agents to answer their questions. 

Enabling simple access to an aggregate of service knowledge hidden inside the various silos will satisfy many of the support requirements of the customers seeking information and the customer service organization that serves those customers.


With the right Knowledge Management delivery capabilities, companies can:

  • Enhance customer experience
  • Improve Contact Center Effectiveness
  • Reduce the cost of customer service.

Simplify Access to Knowledge

The Mize Knowledge Smart Blox module unlocks the potential of knowledge assets by simplifying access to all knowledge including Service Manuals, Service Bulletins, Parts catalogs, Schematics, and other Knowledge assets.

Knowledge enables companies to:

  • Provide On-Demand access to all knowledge resources from any mobile device
  • Perform simple and faster Google-like search against the indexed knowledge base
  • Easily filter knowledge by Product, Symptom or Diagnostic codes
  • Access Knowledge topics from Cloud or download for offline access
  • Publish knowledge from diverse range of sources and formats

By using web services API, relevant knowledge topics can be presented to customers and Contact Center agents on any Support or Case management system.

Cost Effective and Fast to Deploy

Mize provides simple cloud-based subscription model (SaaS) for publishing and accessing all knowledge resources. You can get going with your Knowledge solution with the responsive web and native mobile access within days with low upfront costs and a cost-effective monthly subscription fee.

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