Interactive Schematic Viewer for Web and Mobile

Faster, Accurate and Cost-effective resolution

Mize  Interactive Schematic Viewer enables Service Technicians to view and interact with schematics will provide many benefits:

  • Enhance clarity of Electric, Hydraulic, and Pneumatic connections or flows
  • Improve productivity of Technicians in diagnosing and resolving issues
  • Improve safety and avoid costly mistakes 
  • Faster resolution of repair issues leading to overall better customer satisfaction
  • Reduction in training and technical support costs

Mize Interactive Schematic Viewer for Web and Mobile

Mize Schematic Viewer can enhance the interactivity by providing the ability to:

  • Zoom in and Zoom out of schematics
  • Highlight and follow the connecting lines
  • Navigate easily through the interlinked schematics 
  • Index and make the schematic meta-data searchable 
  • Show important properties of connectors (wires, pipes) 
  • Link to all Service Content and Illustrated Parts Catalogs

Complete Schematic Solution powered by Mize Knowledge and Parts Catalog

Mize Schematics solution enables you to:

  • Access and View Schematics using standard SVG file formats supported by most of the web browsers without the need for any plug-in
  • Access and View Schematics from any iOS or Android mobile phones, and Tablets
  • Publish schematics from any CAD software saving time and resources in making these schematics available for the service organization
  • Manage cloud-based repository of schematics that are easily searchable using the indexed metadata of the images

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