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      Join Syncron + Mize

      November 16-18, 2021
      JW Marriott, Palm Springs, CA


      The must-attend conference for field service leaders brings together cross-industry visionaries who will share their expertise and advice on customer success, service, and support. 

      Meet with us!

      Empowering Business Transformation

      Meet with Syncron + Mize at the conference and, as a token of our appreciation, you’ll get a bag of unique, holiday blend coffee from the Arbor Day Foundation. It's a special gift for you and supports forest sustainability. 




      Chat with Us, Support Forest Sustainability

      Just like you, we're passionate about our business and our world.​

      arborday-limited-edition-holiday-blendSchedule and hold a meeting with us to receive a FREE Holiday Blend ARBOR DAY Foundation coffee.*

      With every sip, you will support farmers dedicated to preserving rainforest lands, and with every bag, a tree is planted in a forest in need. Like the producers of the special Arbor Day coffee, Syncron + Mize is dedicated to the highest levels of quality.  

      Meet Syncron + Mize

      Please fill out this form to request a meeting. We can meet during the event Nov. 16-18 at the JW Marriott in Palm Springs, or  schedule a different time.
      Join Syncron + Mize in efforts to protect, sustain, and restore forests. By simply meeting with one of our field service specialists, you will receive a unique coffee experience from the Arbor Day Foundation.  
      *Schedule your meeting now. Limited supply of coffee in Palm Springs. Your shipping address may be required for delivery.


      The Future of Field Service

      The future of field service is full of opportunity and fraught with uncertainty. Customer expectations have evolved along with trends in the marketplace and the world at large, which means your organization needs to be prepared for issues such as:

      • An increased focus on contactless and remote service
      • Predictive analytics supported by AI and machine learning
      • Waning customer patience for downtime
      • The impact of emerging technology and digital transformation on customer experience
      • Using data as an asset for better field service management

      Field Service Palm Springs will unpack these issues and more to help you build a better field service management roadmap for 2022 and beyond. Connect with Syncron + Mize at the conference and we'll share how we've helped durable goods manufacturers improve field service, depot repair, and service lifecycle management goals with:

      • Convenient searching and secure, global access of Knowledge content—including complete offline availability with Media Package that puts data at technicians’ fingertips.
      • Digitizing essential aspects of the depot repair/reverse logistics value chain to eliminate custom systems, spreadsheets, and manual tasks.
      • Proactively identifying anomalies and predicting failures to eliminate unplanned downtime, reduce the Total Cost of Ownership over a product’s lifetime, and improve the customer experience.