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Connect Technicians to The Right Knowledge, Help and Parts at Point of Service

Download Presentation from Interactive Workshop at Field Service Amelia Island 2019

Mize FSM

Download Workshop Presentation at Field Service Fall

Technicians fail to compete repairs fast and accurately as much as 50% of the time due to the lack of the right resources at the point of service.  While these resources may exist, they are often difficult and time consuming to access because they are contained in a myriad of disparate, fragmented, and antiquated applications and information sources.   Companies can solve this problem by connecting technicians to a single platform that consolidates online/offline interfaces.  This in turn simplifies technician access to self-service knowledge tools, remote expert support, and inventory tracking & parts management.   

Download our workshop Presentation and learn how leading companies like Electrolux are able to connect technicians to the right knowledge, help, and parts, and achieve the following results

  • Reduce Onsite Resolution time by consolidating interface points and streamlining information access
  • Reduce support cost from improved access to Knowledge Bases and Increase Technician productivity through real-time mobile access to documents and videos for Technicians
  • Improve speed of service repair and first time fix rate through remote support and knowledge tools