Automate Warranty Claims Processing

What percentage of Warranty Claims can be auto-approved?

Automate Claim Processing

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Warranty Managers are faced with a dilemma on deciding the level of automation in claim processing. Automated approvals can lead to more efficiencies, but may result in excess payments from overcharges and even fraudulent claims.

Warranty Departments can achieve close to 80% claim automation while minimizing downside effects but need first to implement systems and practices for

  • Validating claims using business rules,
  • Checking claims against reference data,
  • Profiling repairs based on historical claims,
  • Risk scoring claims to support claim decisions, and
  • Automating all claims related processes to reduce manual data entry

Business Rules to Validate Claims Data

Read full article Best Practices to automate Warranty Claims processing or download PDF version.

Warranty experts at Mize also have prepared a simple checklist of 10 common practice areas for self-assessment to determine your expected level of claim process automation. Download the file to score yourself and determine your confidence level on what percent of claims you will be able to auto-approve.

Next generation Warranty Software from Mize (mWarranty) enables you to automate claims processing and improve efficiencies with business rules, structure data checks and claim scoring to detect suspect claims.  Request a demo now to learn how you can streamline your claims process.

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