2018 Warranty Chain Management Conference

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Warranty Management

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Join us for 14th Annual Warranty Chain Management Conference sponsored by Mize, the leader in Warranty Lifecycle Management software.

Collaborative Warranty Management - OEM, Dealer, and Supplier perspectives

All stakeholders in warranty chain - OEMs, Dealers, and Suppliers can benefit by collaborating on Warranty improvement and reducing the friction in warranty processes.

The panel discussion moderated by Ashok Kartham, CEO of Mize, with Warranty Managers from an OEM, a major component supplier, and a dealer will seek their perspectives and industry best practices to improve collaboration.

The discussion will focus on Practical strategies and approaches to achieve shared goals of:

  • Reduction the cost of warranty across the Value Chain instead of shifting of costs 
  • Improvement in product and service quality
  • Generation of additional revenues and profitability from satisfied customers 
  • Improve speed, accuracy, and trust of claims and warranty data
  • Identify strategies, processes, and systems to improve collaboration

mWarranty software helps companies to streamline warranty processes, reduce the cost of warranty, improve product quality, and drive customer satisfaction.

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